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Healthcare Industry
  ■ Shenzhen BaoXin Health Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since the healthcare industry in China is on a fast track of development, Shenzhen Baoxin Health Industrial Co., Limited (“Baoxin Health”) is making efforts to seize the opportunity and promote the Group’s development in the health industry. Based on the R&D of the products and the concept of professional, scientific and accurate as the healthcare service, Baoxin Health establishes a perfect healthcare service system and creates an industry value of "people-oriented, healthy China".


In the future, the health industry sector of the Group will cover the area of medical, health care, pension business and other businesses. Furthermore, based on the existing resources of the Group, Baoxin Health will expand the business through merger and acquisition to achieve the great-leap-forward development and cooperate closely with the medical and scientific research institutions.

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