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New Energy
  ■ Shenzhen Baoyao Technology Co., Ltd.

New energy industry is the country's emerging strategic industry that is under vigorous development. the Group is determined to benefit from the rising demand for LED equipment and new energy. We currently set up Shenzhen Baoyao Technology Co., Limited (“Baoyao Techonology”) in Shenzhen B&K Technology Park. Baoyao Technology is a provider of Hi-Tech LED & OLED Lighting R&D, design, production, sales, and lighting projects.

R&D and Production:

Baoyao Technology has a strong R&D team and technology., It is equipped with national-level laboratory, full-scale research and development, testing equipment. The major equipment for R&D and production are imported from Taiwan and Japan.


Having a number of offices outside the country and several engineering agencies, Baoyao Technology has sales outlets covering domestic, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States .

Lighting Engineering Business:

Baoyao Technology and a number of large real estate enterprises have established a strategic partnership, which is committed to urban lighting planning, design and construction, with an aim to create a comfortable light environment for the city.

The company possesses licences on urban and road lighting engineering, and the lighting engineering design.

Energy Management Service (EMC):

Baoyao Technology actively expands its EMC business and provides a series of systematic services to clients, such as energy diagnosis, project design, technology selection, project financing, equipment procurement, installation, operation and maintenance, personnel training, energy saving, energy saving monitoring and tracking. The company will share the benefit of energy-saving with customers and make profit from the energy-saving.

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