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Innovative Technology Investments

In order to strengthen the technology development within The Group and the partnerships with high-tech firms, the Group invested in a number of leading high-tech firms mainly in the field of Biometrics, HDR and Communication Technology.


BIO-key International Inc. (a U.S. public company listed and traded on the OTCQB, specializing in advanced biometric solutions)


IDEX ASA (a Norwegian public company listed on the Oslo Axess market of the Oslo Stock Exchange, primarily engages in development of advanced fingerprint sensor technology and products)


Kili Corporation (a private technology company primarily engages in the authentication in civilian markets and secure payment software technology)


Powermat Technologies Ltd. (a U.S. privately-held company which provides wireless power solutions for consumers, OEMs and public venues)


Keyssa Inc. (a U.S. privately-held company that develops wireless technology for data transfer)


Nowadays, the mobile communication technology is indispensable. As a result, the demand for security network communication is largely increased. The Group invested in fingerprints biometrics development and successfully launched the 1st Fingerprint Biometric Secure Network in the world - FingerQ, and the biometric communication device - PrivacQ. Meanwhile, the Group also partnered with top domestic and foreign technology companies and strategically invested in BIO-key International, Inc., a leading fingerprint biometric identification software and technology provider.

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