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Investor Relations Contact

Glory Sun Financial is all about open and transparent approach with committed to corporate governance. If you would like more information about investing in Glory Sun Financial, or have any investment related questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our representative at contact listed below. 

Glory Sun Financial Group Limited
Corporate Communication 
CFO : Mr. Ho Ka Yiu Simon
Unit 1908-9, Tower 2, Lippo Centre, No. 89 Queensway, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2258 2901 
Fax: +852-2499 9075 
Email: ir@hk1282.com
Strategic Financial Relations Limited
Address: 29A & 2402, Admiralty Centre I, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong 
Tel: +852 2864 4812
Fax: +852 2527 1196
Website: www.sprg.com.hk  www.sprg.asia


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