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Health and Safety
Promoting Health and Safety 
Glory Sun Financial Solutions Protect People in the Workplace and Beyond
Glory Sun Financial’s emphasis on creating and sustaining healthy and safe work environments reflects our respect for our employees and others. High standards in these areas underpin a critical aspect of operating productively and, in turn, help us compete effectively. Beyond this, Glory Sun Financial’s products and services enable our customers and their customers to provide healthy and safe environments. We align themes and doctrines of Glory Sun Financial’s health and safety program with regulations established by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).
Organizational Commitment
Health and safety is a top priority for all operational and facility management. We require managers to anticipate and prepare for the unexpected. Established channels of communication heighten awareness and facilitate fast responses to developing situations. Management’s emphasis on health and safety instills an ethic of continuous improvement. Protective Devices We continually engineer and apply devices and work practices that mitigate risk from workplace processes and equipment.
Where important processes involve repetitive tasks, we design work approaches to minimize the cumulative impact on our employees.
Preventive Maintenance
By establishing controls and sound maintenance protocols, management works to continually reduce accidents and improve overall safety in the work environment.
To assure we operate well-protected a safe workplace, we manage access to our facilities consistent with international guidelines and standards. Those responsible for providing these safeguards emphasize the importance of dignity and respect in their interactions.

We consistently measure health and safety performance to assure continuous improvement and high standards in every facility.
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