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Business Development
 Year 2009
Incorporated in the Cayman Islands
 Year 2010
Listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. (Stock Code: 01282)
 Year 2011-2012
Invested in Powermat Technologies Limited specialized in providing power solutions for consumers, OEM and public places
 Year 2012
Invested in Advanced Radio Device Technologies, Inc., which engaged in research, development and manufacturing of semiconductor used in communications and related equipment
Invested in DDS Security Software Company specialized in biometric technology
Acquired Gallant Tech Ltd. to get into the Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry
 Year 2013
Development of FingerQ and PrivacQ, the world’s first biometric fingerprint privacy protection mobile platform and biometric communication device respectively
Invested in Fingerprint Cards AB, IDEX ASA, Validity Sensors Inc., companies specialized in biometric security technological area
Invested in Keyssa Inc. (previously known as WaveConnex, Inc.) specialized in wireless technology for data transfer market
 Year 2014
Invested in BIO-key International Inc. (“BIO-key”) and Kili Corporation further enhanced the group’s technology knowhow and capability in the biometric security area, while later enhanced group technology knowhow and capability in integrated circuit and secure element
Invested in Link Mobility Group to deliver leading-edge solutions for e-commence and mobile payment services
 Year 2015
Received the strategic investment and capital increment from Tinmark Development Ltd. and Foresea Life Insurance
Obtained licences of certain software, documentation and other intellectual property in relation to FingerQ and BIO-key International Inc.
Securities investment became one of the Group’s core businesses
 Year 2016
Created layout of innovative financial services, set up and invested a series of financial service companies
Set up Baoyao Technology Co. and acquired Shenzhen B&K New Energy Co. for the access to the new energy industry and property development
The Group’s shares are included into several Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks, officially became one of the investable stocks under Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Scheme.
Invested and became the controlling shareholder of China Yinsheng Securities Group Co., Ltd. (later renamed Glory Sun Financial Holding Co., Ltd.) for a better access to the financial services market
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