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Automation & Intelligent Manufacturing Business
Gallant Tech Limited

Established in 2006, Gallant Tech Limited (“Gallant Tech”) is mainly engaged in automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment trading and provide a series of related services and leasing business. The company is specialized in the production line of SMT assembly and semiconductor packaging equipment and other services.


◆ World class SMT assembly, test equipment and Semiconductor packaging machines;

◆ Installation, technical training, spare parts and application services;

◆ Pre-owned equipment, machine upgrading and refurbishment;

◆ Turn-key project and equipment leasing options


As the largest agent of South Korea KohYoung’s equipment in China, Gallant Tech is also being the agent of Fuji, Speedline of the United States and other international brands’ equipment at the same time. It is one of the important partners of the major brand equipment suppliers. Gallant Tech has the highly well-known manufacturers of automotive electronics, mobile phone and the semiconductor being its customers, such as the Huawei, OPPO, BYD, Hua Jiahong, HEG, Sumitomo and others.


The hardware equipment that Gallant Tech supplies are the first-line brand in the industry. Through the central control of the intelligent software and the technical support from the team, Gallant Tech provides customers with a complete set of intelligent production integration solutions to meet the customers’ demand of the high-end electronic products.


Gallant Tech is committed to providing clients with a complete set of solution in the area of intelligent production, factory and inventory for Automation Production Industry. Meanwhile, Gallant Tech also provides a full range of services of sales, consultation, and financing by integrating consultant, training, and exhibition resources, and collecting and analyzing industrial big data.


In the future, in order to be a leading enterprise in Automation and intelligent manufacturing Industry, Gallant Tech will look for the high quality M&A targets in the upstream, the automation and intelligent manufacturing sector, to further advance the development of company.

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