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Celebration for 18th Anniversary of China Yinsheng Capital Group Limited and the Establishment of Goldjoy Holding Limited


On 12 December 2016, China Goldjoy Group Limited and China Yinsheng Capital Group Limited held a press conference and celebration dinner at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, announcing that the two partners had jointly established Goldjoy Holding Limited and celebrating the 18th anniversary of China Yinsheng. Mr. Kenneth Cheung, Chairman and CEO of China Yinsheng and Executive Director of Goldjoy Holding, together with Mr. Shao Zuosheng, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of China Goldjoy and Executive Director of Goldjoy Holding, announced the strategic mergers and acquisitions and the direction of Goldjoy Holding’s development. They are keen to build a comprehensive financial services platform in Greater China through the six wholly-owned subsidiaries under Goldjoy Holding.



Goldjoy Holding holds a full suite of financial service licences. With asset and wealth management at the core, the six subsidiaries also provide services in areas including global securities, futures, commodity and financial planning. By working with top financial institutions in the world, using the Fintech, expanding existing product mix and actively optimising its financial services platform, it can help customers live prosperous lives. Furthermore, with its finger on the pulse of the market and eye on the Greater China market, Goldjoy Holding will establish a foothold in other major cities in Mainland China adding to its presence in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It will increase investment for the purpose of building a new financial services platform.


Mr. Shao Zuosheng, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of China Goldjoy and Executive Director of Goldjoy Holding, said, “To capture the enormous growth potential in the financial services markets in China and the entire Greater China region, and the vast opportunities arising from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and newly launched Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, China Goldjoy, through Goldjoy Holding, strives to enhance its capability in providing comprehensive financial services and expand business coverage in the Greater China market with a focus on Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. In addition, we will actively develop emerging industries and speed up development of new energy and smart manufacturing businesses in line with our business diversification strategy. We will seize business opportunities that match our key development emphases namely comprehensive financial services, asset management and emerging industries, and endeavor to create value for our customers, shareholders and business partners.”


Mr. Kenneth Cheung, Chairman and CEO of China Yinsheng, and Executive Director of Goldjoy Holding, said, “China Yinsheng has grown together with its customers over the past 18 years since its inception. In the future, we will make the good use of our excellent brand and competitive advantages to consolidate the Group’s innovative technology and continue to develop and optimise products for the six subsidiaries under Goldjoy Holding. With offering complementary online transaction and offline wealth management and asset allocation services, we hope to become our customers’ most trustworthy financial services partner. We will capitalise on the leading presence of China Goldjoy in the Mainland market and the huge service network and professional talent of China Yinsheng in Mainland China and Hong Kong to optimise Goldjoy Holding’s service channels and product mix, as well as its operational efficiency and service quality, for it to become an ever stronger asset and wealth management financial group.”


In the evening, the Group and Yinsheng shared their stories on achievements in previous year, among the attended business partners, guests, employees from China and Hong Kong, and also their honorable customers, followed by the celebration for the establishment of Goldjoy Holding. Attendees included various famous people in political, business and financial sectors. All of them had enjoyed the moments in this event.


Mr. Yao Jianhui, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Goldjoy, presented a speech, “Our Group will devote its full effort to promote the transformation of our business into a high value-added and well-diversified business, in order to allocate our resources better onto those businesses with higher growth potential. With focuses on the development of integrated financial services, asset management and emerging industries, we will progressively build financial services platforms worldwide in major economic areas in other countries.”





The programs of the entire celebration dinner and the souvenir were well decided and organized. On the celebration party, a short film of the Group was first screened, reviewing the precious moments of Yinsheng over the past 18 years, followed by a short film of Goldjoy Holding, sharing the company’s development blueprint and the outstanding performances on various businesses. Goldjoy had given every guest a shiny golden thermos mug as the souvenir, with the meaning of sending a warm wish to everyone. In conclusion, the evening function was well-organized, Yinsheng had even invited the guest who had attended their Ribbon Cutting Celebration 18 years ago, Mr. Chan Wing Luk, the popular stock commentator in Hong Kong, to praise and present 10-years, 15-years and 18-years Long Service Award to their dedicated and outstanding employees.



The celebration dinner for the 18th anniversary of China Yinsheng and the establishment of China Goldjoy came to a satisfactory close, implying that the staff of Goldjoy Holding, under the leadership of China Goldjoy Group, will endeavour to strive forward to achieve for building a remarkable investment bank in the Great China.

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