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Bao Yao Technology staged in INDEX Qatar 2017

On 15 November 2017, a three-day INDEX Qatar was successfully held at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. This exhibition not only brought together the world's outstanding architectural decoration enterprises, but also attracted a lot of local and foreign customers. Shenzhen Bao Yao Technology Co., Limited (“Bao Yao Technology”), a subsidiary of China Goldjoy Group Limited brought various types of LED lighting products for exhibition, bringing the overall lighting solution to the shortage of building materials in Qatar.


INDEX Qatar enjoyed by millions of people across the World


INDEX Qatar 2017 targets the 2019 Athletics World Championships, the 2022 World Cup, the 2030 Qatari National Vision. The exhibition area covers up to 10,000 sqm and it attracts nearly 400 exhibitors.

Grand Opening Ceremony of INDEX Qatar


Bao Yao Technology has seized this opportunity and cooperated with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in this exhibition. It has designed and built a stadium-style exhibition hall in a 200 sqm booth that conforms to Qatar's urban planning and demonstrated our uniqueness among all exhibitors.


Rendering of Shenzhen Bao Yao Technology Co., Limited’s booth


Real Picture of of Shenzhen Bao Yao Technology Co., Limited’s booth


Bao Yao Technology has exhibited various LED lighting products, including (i) outdoor lighting products, such as wall washer, spot light, floodlight, line light, point light, lawn light, buried lights; (ii) indoor lighting products, such as bulb, downlight, panel lights, lamp, spotlights; (iii) road lighting, such as street lights, street lamps, tunnel lights, crash bar lights; (iv) stage lighting products, such as beam moving head light, focusing moving head light, pattern moving head light, par light; as well as LED control system. A wide range of product offerings can meet different needs for construction companies in Qatar.


Network building among high-quality customers

As INDEX Qatar particularly targets the coming extravagant events in Qatar, it has attracted many visitors. Bao Yao Technology’s lighting products were enthusiastically embraced by local Qatar construction and design companies who have shown great interest in our collection and expressed their intention of cooperation.





Follow-up Visit with potential customers


Marketing Team of Bao Yao Technology visited five local construction tycoons on 16 November, 2017 during the last day of the exhibition. Its sincerity and expertise were highly praised and recognized.


Not only the Qatari construction companies have obtained rich suppliers resources, Bao Yao Technology has attained a valuable customer resources and enhanced the company's international reputation. The success of the exhibition plays an important role in the infrastructure of Qatar, it also presents a largest untapped business opportunity for Shenzhen and opened the prelude to the Middle East LED lighting market.

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