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China Goldjoy sets foot in home rental market First project of long-term rental housing brand addresses in Bangkai, Guangming District

For the long-term rental apartment industry, 2017 was a year of change from emphasis on “quantity” to “quality”. With “Houses are for people to live in, not speculate” as the guiding principle, the country has, at unprecedented strength, pushed forward with the development of long-term rental apartments, and rental housing policies have been rolled out intensively in different municipalities focusing on “promoting both buying and renting and growing the home rental market”, all supportive of development of the long-term rental housing sector. At the same time, the national government and local authorities are vigorously promoting policies that give the same rights to homeowners and tenants. On the capital front, with the establishment of REITs and loosening of capital restrictions, long-term rental apartments are well placed and ready to ride the market tailwind. Real estate developers, intermediaries and Internet firms, among others, all have their eyes on the home rental market, and that presents growth opportunities abundant like never before to the industry.

To seize the opportunities this major trend brings, on 28 December 2017, China Goldjoy Group Limited (the “Company”) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Bangkai Commercial Property Co. Ltd. (“BKCP”) co-hosted the Long-Term Rental Apartment Industry Summit cum ALL INN Innovative Ecosystem Launch Conference at Bangkai, Guangming District in Shenzhen, which was attended by close to 200 guests including experts, business leaders from the home rental sector, financial and hi-tech industries, and also local entrepreneurs and the media.

China Goldjoy speeds up deployment in home rental market

In recent years, China Goldjoy has been actively exploring property development opportunities in core districts and regions laden with development potential in Mainland China, particularly industrial parks and science park zones that are unique.

Mr. Li Minbin, Executive Director and Vice President of China Goldjoy, expressed, “The Group’s move to speed up deployment in the rental apartment market is not only an effort to take its business diversification strategy to greater depth and optimize the industrial zone ecosystem, but also, through active participation in long-term rental housing business, serves the real economy and duly contributes to the country, thereby fulfills its responsibility to society.”

“China Goldjoy stands prime not only in capital strength, but also in its ability to offer all-round financial services, multi-level platforms for technological investment and a rich suite of ancillary services throughout the entire industrial chain. Through invigorating stock properties, the Group creates fine living spaces and lifestyle, giving more people enhanced living experiences to satisfy their need for ever better housing in this new day and age.”

Stunning debut of long-term rental apartment brand “ALL INN” in Bangkai

At the event, China Goldjoy unveiled its first long-term rental apartment brand “ALL INN International Youth Community”that promises residents “affection, warmth, harmony and aesthetics” to appreciate, with Bangkai in Shenzhen. The project is planned on a site spanning 100,000 sq. m., featuring three standardized product lines – low density elite apartments, high-end apartments with a modest sense of luxury for business executives and customized corporate apartments. The first batch of apartments launched included 1,000 elite apartments, complemented by centralized management and all-round lifestyle services, plus shared platforms for resident interaction. These smart apartments can meet the needs of those working for enterprises in the industrial park, giving them a warm rental experience and allowing them to truly enjoy work-life balance. ALL INN apartments are all fully furnished and have home appliances availed. Tenants can enjoy smart management service, access to a library that opens round-the-clock, DIY kitchens and a coffee bars, making living in ALL INN apartments more interesting and safer, and more private and stylish than anywhere else.

Launches “ALL INN Innovative Ecosystem” all starting from the heart


A kick off ceremony was held that day at the forum for the “All INN Innovative Ecosystem”. As an operator of integrated industrial park, Bangkai will capitalize on its shareholders’ strong ability in resource integration. It will seek complement from the 600,000 sq.m. Bangkai city and, leading off with the offer of apartments, to link businesses and services. The “ALL INN Innovative Ecosystem” will take heed of four major ecosystems—space, startup business, community and eco-services – for nurturing “ALL IN ALL INN Life Dreamers” and an “ALL INN ALL IN Dreamland for Startups”.

“ALL IN ALL INN Life Dreamers” - It takes the building of an all-inclusive apartment ecosystem, giving residents “1+N” all-round ancillary services that meet their need for social activities, health and fitness, F&B, work, employment and financial services.

“ALL INN ALL IN Dreamland for Startups” - It has “apartments” as the connector for startups linking them to a network of resources helpful to their businesses. Those resources included industry forums, personnel training, project assistance, benchmark case study, cross-sector cooperation and angel investment.

Bangkai also launched its first “Dandelion Plan” that aims to, through building four major systems – “life”, “work”, “talent” and “enjoyment”, give youth the fertile soil for their dreams to thrive, that they may live closer to ideal and be closer to attaining their dreams.


Providing examples for transforming and upgrading of stock properties in industrial parks


ALL INN apartments will be operated by Shenzhen Bangkai Commercial Property Co. Ltd. under China Goldjoy which has years of experience in operating integrated industrial parks and the around 600,000 sq.m. Bangkai in Guangming district is a city as well as an industrial hub where culture, innovation, scientific research and development converge, and corporate headquarters and offices, leisure and commercial and exhibition facilities congregate.

The long-term rental property brand is the first of China Goldjoy, hence is blessed with access to the Group’s financial, commercial, cultural and technological advantages, and capital, international resources and capabilities in developing integrated industrial parks. It therefore has stronger strength in pooling resources for exploring the new direction of development of the rental property market, and is able to present an example for transforming and upgrading stock properties in industrial parks, and ultimately help drive the healthy and continuous development of the home rental industry.


Taking customers onto the international stage

Members of the “ALL INN Youth Community” starting their business will have China Goldjoy’s help to board the international stage. Mr. Regan Shum , Wealth Management Director of China Goldjoy, said at the forum, “They and their cooperative partners will be provided with domestic and foreign financial consultation services, including supporting startups with strong prospects in planning for listing overseas.”

Bangkai signs strategic partnership agreements

Shenzhen Bangkai Commercial Property Co. Ltd. has signed strategic partnership agreements with Mogoroom, Danbay, Baoyao, Qianhai United Property & Casualty Insurance and Onemind and together with these partners, it will strive to develop and exploit the home rental sector, and push for cooperation in greater depth and breadth with partners to achieve win-win.

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