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Most Beautiful Night in Guangzhou Thanks to Most Colorful Lightings from Bao Yao

Bao Yao Technology helps upgrade lightings for Guangzhou’s “one river, two banks and three belts” scenic attractions


Between 2016 and 2017, the Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau had invested close to RMB600 million to upgrade lightings for attractions in core areas along the banks of the Pearl River, with 783 buildings on a stretch of 40 kilometers. The project involves construction and renovation of outdoor lightings for buildings, bridges, public plazas in the core area (from Bai E Tan to Dongpu Bridge) in the “one river, two banks and three belts” coverage of the city. To be exact, there are about 783 buildings, 8 bridges (Dongpu Bridge, Pazhou Bridge, Haiyin Bridge, Liede Bridge, Jiangwan Bridge, Haizhou Bridge, Jiefang Bridge and Bai Tian E Approach Bridge) and 2 public plazas (Haixinsha Island project and Huacheng Square) and for the lightings (including control systems for not less than 400,000 lights) along the about 40 kilometers of river banks in the measured areas.


For the outdoor lighting upgrade project, Shenzhen Bao Yao Technology Co., Ltd (“Bao Yao Technology”), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of China Goldjoy Group Limited is supplying close to 100,000 lights of more than 10 types, including spotlights, wall washers, pixel lights, street lights, lawn lamps, window sill lights, bulkhead ceiling lights, moving lights, landscape lights, corrugated lights, light guide plates, linear lights, metal halide lamps, metal-halide spotlights, etc.


To ensure on-schedule delivery of the quality lightings ordered, Bao Yao Technology responded promptly and set up a dedicated project management team to monitor production and delivery status, strictly supervise production, assure production progress. The company has also set up a temporary office on the project site with staff taking stock of products daily and carrying out quality inspection on the products to ensure all of them meet quality requirements and ultimately help the work team complete the project smoothly.


Dazzling lights Streaming traffic
Glamorous night scene in Guangzhou
Mesmerizes residents and visitors
Most beautiful night in Guangzhou Most colorful lightings from Baoyao
Baoyao proud to help Guangzhou create attractive night scenes along the Pearl River,on its banks and three belts


A picture of the outdoor lightings for “one river, two banks and three belts” attractions in Guangzhou


A painting of lights on the banks of the Pearl River
It’s blue sky and the national flag one moment, and
extraordinary artifacts and graceful kois the next,
then also green growth and blossoms unique to the four seasons in the city,
displaying to the world in all glory the beauty of Guangzhou



Bridges across the river glitter against the night sky
Reflecting their unique history and characteristics
Eye-catching glamour for Haizhu Bridge,
Antiquity simple and understated for Jiefang Bridge,
Classic elegance for Renmin Bridge,
Personality all-out for Haiyin Bridge






Century-old heritages glow with a quiet elegance as night falls




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