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Celebration Dinner for the 10th Anniversary of Gallant Tech Limited and 2017 Lunar New Year


On 20 December 2016, Gallant Tech Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Goldjoy Group Limited, had launched a celebration dinner at The Venice Raytour Hotel, Shenzhen, celebrating their 10th anniversary and 2017 Lunar New Year. China Goldjoy and Gallant Tech had invited suppliers and customers from worldwide to the event, sharing the stories on their achievements from the past 10 years since establishment among the staff from China and Hong Kong.


Mr. Kam Yun Kwong, General Manager of Gallant Tech, gave a speech on the celebration dinner and said, “Thank all the suppliers, business partners, and customers for their support and trust to Gallant Tech over the past 10 years, as well as for the effort of our staff from the past 10 years. We look forward to seeing Gallant Tech succeeds in its business in the coming future with the support from the shareholder China Goldjoy Group and the business partners. Gallant Tech will provide better services to customers.”



Mr. Li Minbin, the Vice President of China Goldjoy and the Chairman of the Board of Gallant Tech, said, “China Goldjoy will give support to Gallant Tech as usual, to grow bigger and stronger. The future trend of manufacturing industry will tend to be high-end, automation and intelligent. Under the situation that Chinese Government is pushing the development of strategic emerging industry and the Industrial Support Policy is kept improving, promoting transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry to high-end intelligent and realizing Industry 4.0 will be a huge opportunity and a big challenge to Gallant Tech, as a participant in the industry. We hope that Gallant Tech can pit itself against the challenges, create bold innovation and achieve the new heights.”



Gallant Tech interactively communicated with the guests throughout the dinner and shared among them the stories of achievements in the past 10 years. Gallent Tech also presented the 10-year Long Service Award to various dedicated and outstanding employees.



The celebration dinner for the 10th anniversary and 2017 Lunar New Year came to a satisfactory close, implying that the staff of Gallant Tech will show their great perseverance in striving forward and endeavor to drive Gallant Tech to become the sustainable industry leader in automation services.

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