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Gallant Tech Serve the Real Economy and Provide Support to Industry 4.0

Gallant Tech Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary under China Goldjoy, mainly engages in trading on automation equipment and provision of a series of related services. As a leading supplier and service provider in China on automation equipment such as SMT, Gallant Tech devotes to assist their customers to promote the intelligent level in manufacturing industry, and also provide international advanced production equipment and solution to customers. The hardware equipment provided by Gallant Tech are always from top brands in the industry. Through the central control with intelligent software and the process technology support from the technical team, the Company provides a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing integration solution to customers, solving customers’ needs on the manufacturing of high-end electronic products.


Through NEPCON China 2016 Shanghai Exhibition and NEPCON South China 2016 held on 26 April 2016 and 30 August 2016 respectively, Gallant Tech demonstrated to visitors and professional buyers the high-end automation equipment represented by the Company. Those demonstrated high-end equipment includes the world’s first 3D AOI-Zenith, 100% 3D Solder Paste Inspection System KY8080, Fuji NXTIII Scalable Placement Platform, etc.


Figure 1: NEPCON China 2016 Figure 2: NEPCON South China 2016


It was a rapid development to Gallant Tech Limited in 2016. Along with the steady growth in smart phone market in China this year, demands on automation equipment had been increased for mobile phone manufacturers. Furthermore, the upgraded transformation in manufacturing industry in China has further stimulated the market demands to high-end manufacturing equipment. In the circumstances, Gallant Tech endeavors to expand its business in trading on automation equipment, enlarge exploration in market of placement equipment and peripherals, in the meantime provide more comprehensive supporting services, and further increase the Company’s market share.


Figure 3:Automatic production equipments


According to the future development strategy of China Goldjoy, Gallant Tech will further adjust and optimize its business structure, putting its best effort to provide comprehensive solutions on smart production, smart factory, smart warehouse, integrated industry consultation, industry training and exhibition business. It also collects and analyses big data of the industry, provides full services on sales, consulting and financing in the industry, in order to develop into the sustainable leading corporation in automation services.

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