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The Successful Conduct of the 2018 Year-End Summary and Commendation Conference of China Goldjoy Group


China Goldjoy Group conducted a Year-End Summary and Commendation Conference for the year 2018 in the afternoon of 23 January 2019 with multiple agendas.  Chairman Yao Jianhui, the Group management, the middle and high-level representatives of each subsidiary and the employees commended for outstanding performance attended the conference.



1.          Presentation of Year-End Report by Subsidiaries

Management of each subsidiary started with an overview of operating performance and problems encountered at work in 2018.  They made a preliminary outlook at work in 2019 and a proposal for management improvement.


2.          Presentation of Year-End Report by the Group Management & Sharing of Management Expertise

The Group management reported on the work summary of 2018 and the work plan for 2019, and shared its management experience with the conference participants.  Three core requirements were proposed, namely “the result of the Group’s performance is an attribution and reflection of management”, “strengthening internal collaboration to achieve ultimate targets” and “employees are to have an overall perspective and develop with the company”.


3.          Delivery of a Keynote Speech by Chairman Yao Jianhui

Chairman Yao Jianhui granted his full recognition to all staff for their dedication and hard work, and high appreciation to the management team in the conference.  He analyzed the general economic environment in 2019 and suggested two management requirements namely “Staying prudent and manage risk reasonably” and “encouraging employees to make suggestions for the development of China Goldjoy Group”.


At the same time, Mr. Yao expressed the hope that all employees will foster the enterprise spirit of integration, innovation, sharing, faith, belief, confidence and credibility.  By sharing their breaths and fate with the company and consequential achievements, employees shall be hardworking, willing to over difficulties, striving unremittingly and putting their heads together to achieve each operating target in 2019


4.          Presentation of Awards to Employees and Teams Commended for Outstanding Performance in 2018

Talents are the cornerstone of future development.  As a recognition of China Goldjoy Group’s talent management principle, staff members and teams with outstanding performance were commended in five categories as an appreciation to their contribution in 2018.  Employees were encouraged and motivated to make persistent efforts to contribute to China Goldjoy Group.

With the successful conclusion of the 2018 Year-End Summary and Commendation Conference, it was expected that under the guidance of the spirit of the conference, China Goldjoy and its employees shall be united, learn from each other and develop together so that a new page of China Goldjoy Group will be started in 2019.

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