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China Goldjoy Group Changes Company Name to Glory Sun Financial Group

China Goldjoy Group Changes Company Name to Glory Sun Financial Group

Reflects Future Focus on Financial Services Business
While Developing Real Estate, Technology and Investment Businesses at Equal Pace


Glory Sun Financial Group Limited (“Glory Sun Financial” or the “Group”, formerly known as “China Goldjoy Group Limited”; stock code: 01282) has announced the change of its Chinese company name from ‘‘中國金洋集團有限公司’’ to ‘‘寶新金融集團有限公司’’ and its English name from ‘‘China Goldjoy Group Limited’’ to ‘‘Glory Sun Financial Group Limited’’. The stock short name of the Shares for trading on the Stock Exchange will be changed from ‘‘CHINA GOLDJOY’’ to ‘‘GLORY SUN FIN’’ in English and from ‘‘中國金洋’’ to ‘‘寶新金融’’ in Chinese with effect from 9:00 a.m. on 31 May 2019. The stock code of the Company remains unchanged as ‘‘01282’’.


The related resolution was approved by 99.9% of shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 30 April, a clear demonstration of the shareholders’ support for the Group’s decision to change the company name as well as its future development direction. The name change is expected to benefit the Group’s future business development and better reinforce its new corporate identity and image, which is in both its own interests and those of its shareholders.


Glory Sun Securities, a subsidiary of the Company has been granted a sponsor license by the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) in May 2019. Since then, Glory Sun Financial’s business has expanded to cover securities and futures trading, full-license investment banking, full-license asset management, self-operated investment, credit financing, wealth management and precious metals trading. Meanwhile, in mainland China we have also commenced Qualified Foreign Limited Partner (QFLP) and securities investment fund businesses. Hence, we have built up a comprehensive financial services platform. In the future, the Group will strengthen its investment banking and asset management business and plan to make appropriate investments in the automated trading system, financial technology and bond capital markets (DCM).


Furthermore, the Group are optimistic about the opportunities in the Hong Kong financial industry arising from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area initiative and therefore the Greater Bay Area is set to be a key development target of the Group.


The Group have adhered to the strategy of developing a range of industries for years and have penetrated the finance, manufacturing, technology, people’s livelihood and real estate sectors. At the same time, we have been providing financial services in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Our management team also has rich operational and management experience in the capital markets of Mainland China and Hong Kong. Moreover, the Group has strong business resources in Mainland China, not only for providing financial services, but also actively engaging in investments. In the future, Glory Sun Financial aims to facilitate the connection of the industrial and financial sectors, and capital markets locally and internationally, so as to offer one-stop financial services to customers, thereby creating higher value for customers and shareholders alike.

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